Visualizing the Ecosystem by Approach to Social Change

This visualization maps organizations based on their approach to social change. There are three broad categories of approach: inner, cultural and systems oriented.


Systems approaches focus on changing institutions and systems., Organisations focused on this area are particularly interested in areas such as governance, economics and technology. Cultural approaches focus on changing the broader collective culture, targeting aspects such as norms, values and collective narratives. Inner approaches focus on the inner transformation of individuals as a way of transforming society at large, both through personal development and shifting perspectives of how they relate to themselves, others, and the planet.

Each organization was given a weighting across these three dimensions with the restriction that the overall total summed to one reflecting the fact this was about the focus of their approach. Thus being perfectly in the centre of this diagram would indicate that an organization weighted each approach equally. Conversely being at either corner would indicate the organization totally prioritized that approach.

We emphasize that these scores were assigned by the project team based on their best effort assessment based on available material. If an organization has been mis-weighted please get in touch and it will be corrected.

Note: we are aware many organisations currently have the same weightings and are thus on top of one another, making it difficult to see all those listed in the directory. The next iteration of the visualization will address this.